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A little more vulnerable today…

  Hubby and I had a fight recently. It was a fairly big one…so big that the “going our separate ways” was briefly mentioned. Looking back now, I realized how stupid the fight was – and I must admit, I was the one that triggered it haha.  OOPS. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted the Hubby to find a better job because I felt that his job wasn’t giving him any joy, growth, and the salary that he rightfully deserves. But here’s the problem, *I* was the one that felt all that, not him. He was upset with me because he felt that I was being ungrateful and obviously what I’ve said hurt his feelings. If you’ve ever read AITA threads on reddit, you know where this is headed. I was definitely the asshole. For the larger part of our relationship, he was the breadwinner and he had always taken care of me. I never once had to worry about bills or our financial well-being. When he encouraged me to pursue the floral business and I was stressed about rent and bills, he stepped in and took care

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