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Feeling Hopeless

     I feel that I needed to write tonight. I’ve been feeling unfulfilled and unhappy with my “career”. I’m not sure what it is and why that is. Actually, I do know. It’s because I’m not getting any benefits from my job, it’s simply just a job. I’m not getting the training that I need to help me grow, there’s no path for me as a project coordinator, the workload is overwhelming with no rewards. In fact, I almost feel as if I’m being punished. The last few years, my merit raises have only been between 2-3%. The only time that I had a huge jump was when the company gave everyone a bump so that we were within the industry standards, meaning we were being underpaid at the time. I’ve been with the company for 4 years now and I’ve consistently asked for more training, but I haven’t received any. Other employees that are newer to the company have received extensive training as well as an average annual raise of 5% or more. I know life can be unfair – but this is wrong. Compared to other teams

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