Almost a year long update!


School – Graduation:  It’s been so long since I’ve updated again. So, graduation has come and gone back in May. It wasn’t very eventful to say the least. I managed to lose about 20lbs right before graduation, though I am embarrassed to admit that I’ve gained some of it back. Thankfully not all of it came back lol. But I am back on that healthy eating journey again. I can’t say I stopped the healthy eating journey, but I did allow myself to indulge a bit more than I’m supposed to. I dyed my hair purple again for the big day, it’s still purple now and I love it. I really missed being able to let loose and do as I please. I don’t think hubby ever restricted me; he was always very encouraging on what my heart desired. The day of graduation, my classmate turned friend gave me a lift to school. That way, I could carpool home with hubby & parents. It was a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long ceremony and we barely spent 5-10 minutes for pictures and took off. I was tired, and I was over it lol. I said we’d make up the graduation photos another day, but my chosen photographer hasn’t had time yet – it is wedding season after all.

Work – Temp Assignment: So back in May, I was temporarily assigned to another team and was on “rotation” in corporate operations. I was part of the construction technology group, supporting the company internally. I really enjoyed the few months while being on that team – it was a real eye opener because it gave me the opportunity to see how I liked being on another team, in another department. I really felt like I belonged to the team – they made me feel inclusive and gave me a lot of positive feedback. If they have an open position in October, I am considering applying. While I was gone, there were a lot of changes and some complaints about things not getting done or done correctly in my "old" team that I had transitioned away from temporarily. My new work bestie got transferred to the plumbing group. One of the project managers pulled me aside and told me that the team was falling apart without me and that they were patiently waiting for me to return. He thought he’d let me know because of what happened back in October of last year when another project manager had wanted me gone or fired. I’m not sure how I feel being back on the original team now. Though everyone has been more polite towards me, which I recognize and appreciate – but again, my title/position/role will eventually be monetarily capped out. That’s not sitting well with me. I met with the sales manager very briefly to discuss my future within the company and voiced my concerns. She agreed that it’s hard for me to grow and gain more knowledge while being on the current team because they keep my schedule so busy – and she also recognizes that it wasn’t fair to me. She mentioned that she will discuss this with the other sales managers and get back to me – so we will see what will happen in the next few weeks when reviews are being rolled out. I hope I’m not being overlooked again this year because I felt that this was what happened to me last year – I was overlooked and I felt that my review wasn’t a “fair” assessment because one of the managers wasn’t happy with me, so it almost felt personal. But what do you do right?? Patiently wait it out? But how long should I wait? I’m not spring chicken anymore! Not to mention, your girl has a damn degree now (finally)!!

Home – Damages & Repairs: Back in January of this year, we received a lot of rain. During the first week of January, while Joey was out of town for work, our bedroom started to leak from the rain. It started from the master restroom, and it started to spread towards the master bedroom and my part of the closet. I called the insurance company to start a claim and it was just downhill from there. To make a long story short (I will try), we had to live in our living room for 7.5 months! We had no privacy, our bed was literally in the living room, all our personal belongings boxed up by Servpro so they could mitigate the water damage and demo part of our room. Roughly 70-75% of our master bedroom had to be demolished because of the water damage. Then we went to war with the insurance company, fighting them to get these repairs done. First, we had to fix the roof out of pocket, that was a lesson learned – it wasn’t covered under our policy because it wasn’t damaged by the weather, but it was due to normal wear & tear. However, the dwellings (internal) were covered. Between January through August, we were assigned to 8 different adjustors.  EIGHT!!! I had to file a complaint with the department of insurance as well as a complaint with the better business bureau before they started to take me seriously. It was such a mess! Anyway, while we had to get the damage repaired, we took the opportunity to redo the closet that I’ve been wanting to. We finally combined our 2 side by side walk-in closets into one larger walk-in closet. We also spent some money to get custom shelves/cabinets for the closet. I have to say, I am extremely satisfied with the result! We also updated the paint color in our bedroom and gave it an accent wall – which I absolutely love. We’ve spent the last month trying to reorganize and move back into our space. It’s been a long journey to say the least. I am sooooooooooooooooooooo exhausted that it’s not even funny. I’m contemplating on taking tomorrow off just so I can get some rest! But most likely not, because this crazy bitch is a workaholic for some reason. It’s not like I don’t have a ton of PTO or sick hours I can use. I need to be less neurotic sometimes.

Health – Post Urgent Care & OB visit: This is a bit TMI, so if you’re not ready for it, you should exit now lol. I really don’t think anyone reads my blog anyway lol, it’s just a placeholder for me to put my thoughts down. Anyway – so for a while now, at least the last 6 years – hubby and I have been trying to start a family. It hasn’t been an easy road because of my health issues. I was diagnosed with thyroid issues a few years ago and the doctors couldn’t find the root cause for my thyroid issues or my hormonal issues. I think it could be stress related, which would make the most sense. I was going to school fulltime and working fulltime – yes, neurotic, I know! I was still taking floral orders too during that time. For several months (almost a year), I was having 2 menstrual cycles each month, with just a week of “downtime” in between cycles. We went to urgent care, and they determined that I had a UTI – odd, I didn’t know UTIs can cause prolonged periods?? Anyway, I was prescribed antibiotics and was on my way. This was after getting 2 different forms of ultrasounds that day as well. A few months later, the situation hadn’t really improved so I went back to Kaiser. This time, they took a biopsy of my uterus AGAIN – that shit hurt like a bitch! Turns out there’s been some abnormal growth in my uterus, and I’ve been on progesterone meds since. This is my 3rd month on the medication, and it has helped regulate my period to a “normal” schedule. The first month after the medication, my period was SO HEAVY. I literally had to purchase maxi brand period panties to wear overnight, they were just glorified depends diapers! My period was SO heavy that I bled through the “period panty”. I bled through 5 of those period panties in a single day. I was worried that there was something wrong with me. I called the Kaiser ER nurse hotline and was told that while this wasn’t normal, it could happen. They had the PA call me back and she assured me that this was normal as my uterine lining wasn’t shedding, so my first cycle would be this heavy. Thankfully she was right. The last 2 cycles have been more normal and I’m not bleeding twice a month now. So now I’m back to trying to track my ovulation cycle to see when the optimal time is to have sexy time. That’s the part that takes away all the joy when you have to “plan” for sexy time. I wish we could just go at it like bunnies and call it a day lol – but you know, aging, responsibilities, work and just life in general takes away so much of your time. I miss the early dating days, when we were being irresponsible and avoided our responsibilities a little bit just to be together lol. I mean, what happened to those days where we’d call out sick just so we can be together??  We’ll see. I’m hoping that this year will be the year for us to start a family – especially now that I’ve gotten school done and out of the way. Wish us luck!


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