Happy Birthday, My Love

    Today, I share with you an e-mail Joey had written to me back in 2012.  We had one of our spats, he accused me of being “nice” because I wanted to gain popularity votes.  I was so mad and offended that I blocked him on gchat and ignored his calls/texts.  His last resort was to email me on my Hotmail account – of which I only used for spam emails and online orders.  After that email, he left work early and showed up at the flower shop to surprise me.  I’m a firm believer that we get back what we put out into the universe.  I’m also a firm believer of karma; both good and bad.  I must’ve put a lot of good karma out because in return, Joey and I found each other.  Even though he thinks I’m the selfless one, it is Joey that’s truly the selfless one.  For the last decade that we’ve been together (OMG, how quickly the years have flown by), he had always put me first.  He would ask me how my day went after work (still asks me how my day went while WFH).  He’d stay up late so he could wake me up for floral work so that I do not oversleep (yes, lots of all nighters) before he calls it a night for himself.  The last year and a half were challenging for the entire world.  Our families were put through the ringer and I’m so glad that Joey and I came out stronger than before.  Having to live apart for an entire month while I tended to my family and he tended to his.  My in laws being there for my family and vice versa, it has built a stronger bond between our families and I am forever grateful.  I don’t think Joey realizes how selfless HE truly is.  Happy Birthday my love.  Thank you for being the amazing husband that you are.  Thank you for always thinking of me first.  I hope that we are blessed with more many birthdays together because I can’t ever imagine my life without you.  Love you.



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