A pandemic Christmas

    2020 is finally coming to an end soon.  This year has been such a struggle for everyone, literally.  The year started like any other year, we celebrated New Year’s and we celebrated Lunar New Year as well.  Unfortunately, we were soon hit with the fast spreading Coronavirus, aka Covid-19.  This virus started in Wuhan, China and within a short few months, it spread all across the globe.  We’ve lost so many loved ones to this virus this year.  It’s something we’ve never imagined we’d experience in our lifetime. 

    This time last year, I was still at my old job.  A job that I started to hate after just a few short months of being there.  I didn’t hate my job, I didn’t hate my coworkers.  What I hated were the people that operated and managed the company.  The morale was low under their management.  Not to mention all the unethical practices that was going on right before our eyes.  I just couldn’t stand it anymore and finally made the decision to leave.  It wasn’t easy because it felt like I was abandoning my people, my friends, my new family.  But I was so emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted from that job – I had to leave for my own well-being.  I couldn’t get past the unethical practices and having to deal with their constant lying.  Not to mention, I was extremely overworked and underpaid.  I discussed my decision with Joey and he gave me his blessings to resign and to take my time in finding my next move.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't that I need Joey's permission, but as my other half, this was something that we discussed because I respect his opinion on the matter.  We are also a team, I wanted to make sure that he would be okay if I were to be unemployed for a few months and that our finances wouldn't suffer.  Fortunately for me, I received an offer at another company the same week I had resigned.  I gave myself a 3 weeks break before I started my new job.  I spent a week on Valentine’s Day orders, a week to rest up and then I hit the ground running at my new job.  In less than 3 weeks, the safer in place order went into effect and we started working from home.  The naïve me really believed that we would only in quarantine for about 2 weeks, maybe 3 at most and we’d be back at work.  I was also unaware of how severe this virus was.  This was in March.  We’re still working from home, nine months later.  I can't tell you how fortunate I am to have been able to find a job right before the pandemic.  Not a lot of people were this lucky.  A lot of people lost their jobs or had to go on unemployment because their jobs weren't considered to be "essential".  

   During quarantine, Joey and I adopted a maltipoo puppy back in August and named him Tofu.  He’s the most adorable and cutest puppy, but he’s a demon dog.  He’s very aggressive towards me for some reason, but also has separation anxiety when I leave without him.  We’re considering obedience school if our training doesn’t work or if Tofu doesn’t show any improvements.  We've been talking about getting a puppy for over a year, shortly after Baby passed away.  I never imagined myself being able to move on to a new puppy after losing Baby, but here we are.  I don't miss Baby any less or think of him any less.  I still talk about him often, and he'll always be my first love.  We're hoping that having a puppy will bring us baby dust and we'll be blessed with a real baby soon.

    This Christmas will surely go down in history as once in a lifetime.  Joey and I did not exchange gifts this year, which isn’t anything new.  We spoil each other through out the year and we hardly get gifts for each other during the holidays or birthdays anymore.  We’ve kept our tradition of exchanging cards during these special occasions, but gifts are optional.  Having the floral business has taken away some of the significance of these holidays because I’m usually working.  Joey and I never once celebrated Valentine’s Day because we’re always swamped.  By the time the day is over, I’m also over it too lol.  Our dating anniversary and birthdays are within weeks apart, so we usually celebrate it together.  But we also have friends that wants to celebrate us so we’re usually pretty booked for the month of June/July.  Our wedding anniversary is a different story, we do celebrate that, and it’s usually just between us.  Gifts are still optional.  I don’t ask Joey for much because he takes really good care of me.  He pays all the bills at home and he still insists on buying me gifts.  He’s the most amazing partner and I’m so glad that we’ve been able to get along so well during our quarantine. 

    I hope that 2021 will be better for everyone.  I hope that people are able to rebuild their lives and recover what they’ve lost.  I know we can’t bring our lost ones back, but we need to learn to live our lives with more purpose in honor of the ones we’ve lost, to carry their torch on their behalf.  I’m ready for the changes.  I’m ready to rebuild and recover what we’ve lost.  I hope that I will be in the position to give more back to my community in 2021.  I also look forward to traveling again with my hubby and go on more adventures.  Hang in there guys, we only have about a week left of 2020.      


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